Conor Jansen is an asexual Jewish slacker who draws comics and sometimes posts them on here. He used to make music. He was also a writer at some point in time. Presently he works a minimum wage job as a delivery boy, which he is happy with. He enjoys horror films. His favorite movie is George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead. He also likes music. His favorite types of music are shoegaze, post-punk, and nineties college rock. He also likes Patti Smith. He has been trying to quit smoking for a while. He is currently working on a comic series called Burango, which is about monsters.





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    In 1998, Elvis Costello, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Devo, Laurie Anderson, Gordon Gano, and members of the B-52s came together to make the Rugrats Movie Soundtrack.



      Q. Why Anne Frank’s house?
      A. It just seemed like the obvious place for a hot hot sex scene

      Q. No, seriously, why Anne Frank’s house?
      A. It’s a sacred space, but it’s important to remember that real people lived there. Our usual way of honoring the dead–by freezing them in time and mythologizing them, by building the marble statues Shakespeare rails against in that sonnet–that’s not Hazel and Augustus’s way of honoring the dead. As Hazel notes, Anne Frank made out with a boy in the Anne Frank house. I think Hazel wants (and I wanted) to reclaim that sacred space for doomed people who are nonetheless still alive, and still full of desire.

      —JG “Questions about The Fault in Our Stars

      I just I just I can’t deal w/ this.

      "reclaiming" it. like what the fuck. how does having sex there "honor the dead". like the reclaiming comment is really fucked up in a lot of ways like the idea that one of the most clear symbols of the human lives destroyed in the holocaust needs to be "reclaimed". like idk i just can’t deal like the thing is i don’t think this is just a john green type thing it’s a common thing like this complete ignorance of what memorials mean and why it’s wrong to try and write over them


The Brian Jonestown Massacre


        The Brian Jonestown Massacre

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            • Cashier: Oh my god he's got a gun!
            • Me: No, it's a metaphor, see?


            co-worker reading posts from FML and laughing out loud to each one like its 2009 or something

            One of my favorite high school memories was the jock sitting next to me during English reading a “Fail” blog on the computer while we were working on essays, laughing, then asking me to explain it to him, over and over, laughing harder after I did. I’m not being condescending or mean when I say it was adorable, it was actually adorable. 

              I don’t care how much you care about music or how refined you think your tastes are, if somebody shows you music and they’re really happy about showing you music and you act like a dick about the music they like, you are just shit.

                the idea that there are people who are “happy” is a lie made up by the government 

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                    "being asexual/aromantic would make my life so much easier"


                    step one: hey

                    step two: hey don’t

                    step three: hey don’t say that


                      what if a judge was playing basketball and slam dunked a gavel through the hoop and was like “court is adjourned”

                      like, what’s going on?